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HI! Im Jordan

I'm a momma of one spontaneous girl named Brenley. 

A little about  us :

Brenity Is A kids clothing boutique.

I'm just a women trying to dress all the busy bees of the world.


The Bee:

The Bee symbolizes so much more than spelling out my daughters initials:

 The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power.

To me that just screams my family. 

Our family is our support system, our community.

Literally "it takes a village"is not just a saying

We do everything together wither it's a Sunday night shrimp boil

or all going to our family lake house on the Tennessee River.

My family is not just my relatives

It's a Co-worker, best-friend, a neighbor. 

Someone that makes you feel secure, supports you,

 someone that listens to all your problems, because we all have them.

So I invite you to join my family.


I encourage everyone to 

Extract the sweetness in life

Be productive while the sun shines

Pursuing your dreams, no matter how great it seems.

we give back

Every sale helps a child reach there full potential,or simply helps fight hunger

I offer local pick up to Memphis Customers 

or come shop with us at the Painted Tree Memphis!


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